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This website presents activities and results of the research project "transport systems for event tourism" (German: Freizeitverkehrssysteme für den Event-Tourismus). The project was completed in March 2004, but the members of the group can still be contacted for questions or comments. Please click here for the coordinator's contact details.

Starting in September 2000 as part of the national research programme on leisure travel and transport, we have worked on the development of transport services and traffic management strategies for events. One focus was how the trip and the event itself can be integrated to create a "seamless travel experience". Examples of this approach were developed and tested at the 2003 International Horticultural Exhibition (IGA) in Rostock, Germany. In addition, a range of other events has been included in the analysis. Furthermore, experiences from event travel can in part be transferred to other segments of leisure mobility.

Please note: As a national project, most information on this site is available in German only. However, a brief summary in English is available here, and there are some publications in English on our list of publications as well. Or contact the group members for further information.

This site includes a brief presentation of the project activities, members of the group, proposals for "travel chains" and selected reports. Click here to find out more.

You can also find information on the results of our work:

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